Build on Windows



  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Version (
  2. git (
    • Make sure git command avilable from both bash and cmd.exe​
  3. cmake 3.9.4 (
  4. Qt 5.9 for Windows (
  5. subversion (optional)
    • You can install Tortoise SVN or use cygwin (  Make sure 'command line tools' option is checked when install Tortoise SVN. 
    • If you download directory, then you don't need subversion to be installed.

QtPlatz 3.0 and later versions require C++11/14 complient compiler, so that Visual Studio 2017 is preffered though Visual Studio 2015 may work too.  Visual Studio 2013 and previous version expects compile errors.

Process overview;

  1. Install Qwt library from source
  2. Install bzip2-1.0.6 source (download)
  3. Install Boost library (download)
  4. Install RDKit (optional)

Easy way to go:

Open "x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2017"  from "Visual Studio 2017" Folder in Start Menu of Windows 10.

cd %HOME%\source

tar xvf %HOME%\Downloads\bzip2-1.0.6.tar.gz

unzip %HOME%\Downloads\

git clone

cd %HOME%\qtplatz\scripts



mv boost_1_65_1\stage\x86_64 folder to C:\Boost folder as the resulting to "C:\Boost\x86_64\"


cd %HOME%\qtplatz


devenv %HOME%\build-vc150-x86_64\qtplatz.release\qtplatz.sln

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