Debian Multiarch Cross compiler trial

Obsolete -- don't use following procedure

After hours of internet search for emdebian, I've found emdebian is now stealled.  It toward to multiarch.  So that I've tried to install cross compiler for amel by follow the steps describe

First, I made a flesh clean install of debian jessie D2 on Hyper-V, and then just did following;

Add to your /etc/apt/sources.list:



Qt - Raspberry Pi Cross build trial

I've trid to build Qt library according to the article but it takes time (35 hours) to complete was faild due to configuration process stopped at error.  So that I switch to cross build trial.


Raspberry Pi Cross Environment on Debian 7.5 (amd64)

Install Debian 7.5 as usual (On Hyper-V, 2048MB RAM, uncheck 'dynamic memory', connect to VNIC), default setup for Debian installer but uncheck all packages for applications, but check ssh server.

After first boot of debian, login as root then;

  1. apt-get install sudo

edit /etc/group for add my account to sudo group.

Login as user, and continue apt-get...




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