Analytical Instrument Control & Data System Software from Japan

LC/MS Spectrogram of digested proteomeThe QtPlatz (also as qtplatz) is the software foundation for chromatography and spectrometry instrument control and data system. It is intend to implement molecular targeting application based on accurate masses. Software is written in C++ and is able to run on Windows 7/8, Mac OS 10.7+ and Debian Linux and its variants including Raspberry Pi.

A goal of qtplatz is providing a software design foundation for instrument control, diagnostic, data acquisition, data processing and an interface to other software such as ELN (electrical lab notebook) in order to provide an another level of contribution to the science.

It performs extremely fast and robust for 24/7 operation of analytical instruments.  Qt (Digia) based GUI gives intitive interface for data representation and instrument controls.  C++11 anb BOOST based modern programing give an extremely simple but powerfull code for manage complex threads.


  • Professional algorithms for Chromatography and Mass spectrum peak detection
  • Chemistry engine based on RDKit, which allows to display & search structures.
  • Realtime data exchange between instrumental modules based on CORBA that makes up an analytical instrument consisted from separated modules and actuators, for example an LC/MS instrument consisted from modules obtained from different manufacturers.
  • Raspberry Pi support

Binary installers

Windows x64 & Mac OS 10.9 binary installers are avilable from downloads page.


The QtPlatz is an open source software and is free to use in any individuals, academic users.  For commercial use, please contact to us.


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