NVIDIA/caffe build memo

Here is the brief memo where I've installed NVIDIA/DIGITS and Caffe


  • Make sure boost.python is built
  • Don't mix protobuf 2.x and 3.x.  It works with protobuf-3.1.0 as long as relevant modules are using 3.1.0 version consistantly.
  • Dependency.cmake under caffe/cmake directory mssing ${HDF5_HL_LIBRARIES} at line 28 that leads link error as described bellow.
  • nccl module need to be built for multi-GPU enabled.  See

Setting up Debian Jessie desktop

This is the memo when install debian on my working machine.


Setup pasv ftp server on Microsoft Azure

Recently, I've setup vsftpd on the server '' that is the Linux (jessie) on Microsoft Azure.  It works excellent for most of web browsers.  However, get stacked at 'PASV' command when try wget command.  The curl command works file though...

The problem resolved by adding following lines to /etc/vsftpd.conf


Complete configuration listed below.  And of course, port 20, 21, 1035..1038 were open to public on Azure portal.


Install Debian on Terasic DE0-NANO-SoC

Terasic DE0-NANO-SoC (NANO-SoC) comes with the Yacto Linux on microSD Card as ready to go.  Since we have been using Debian for analytical instrument control software and firmware, it worth to take time to swich it to Debian Linux.  Here is the complete walk-through for install Debian Jessie onto NANO-SoC.


Apple mail search issue -- long term issue has been resolved

I'v having a problem with Mac mail search function that did not work. -- Well, when type in search box, Inbox list should be empty or start showing someting search result would be expected behavior.  Howerver, stay on original inbox list...

I've tryed several things including Spotlight re-index, e-mail accounts remove/re-import again...

Today, I have found a solution from the page


Windows 10 and Remote Hyper-V Manager on Server 2012 R2 Core

After new Windows 10 Professional has been installed on VirtualBox, install remote management tool and enable Hyper-V/Hyper-V Management Tools on Windows Features on or off.

Add server 'XENON' to Server Manager and set 'XENON\Administrator' as manager account.

Following command seems be requierd to enable 'Computer Management';

Allow MMC & WMI through the Windows Firewall, on both


Qt5 Cross Compile for Cycron V SoC (ARM) using Debian MultiArch

sudo apt-get install python
sudo apt-get install libicu-dev:armhf libfontconfig1-dev:armhf libfreetype6-dev:armhf libudev-dev:armhf
sudo apt-get install libx11-dev:armhf \
         libgl2-mesa-dev:armhf \
         libfontconfig1-dev:armhf \
         libfreetype6-dev:armhf \
         libx11-dev:armhf \
         libxext-dev:armhf \
         libxfixes-dev:armhf \
         libxi-dev:armhf \
         libxrender-dev:armhf \
         libxcb1-dev:armhf \
         libx11-xcb-dev:armhf \



Debian ARM kernel install (Helio SOC FPGA)

1. make minimal rootfs on amd64 Debian Jessie, according to "How to create bare minimum Debian Wheezy rootfs from scratch"


Debian ARM cross-tools install on amd64 Linux (Jessie)

Previous post for Debian Multiarch cross tools was obsolte; here is the yet another trial based on Debian multiarch webpages.

Install Cross tools


Here is the command history;

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf

dpkg --print-foreign-architectures



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