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Software feachers

Software features

  1. Controlling imaginal TOF which is virtual (example) instrument
  2. Fully automated high throughput data acquisition from LC, GC or infusion.
  3. Mass calibration
  4. Online realtime, and offline lock mass
  5. Chromatography oriented quantitative analysis
  6. Isotope cluster targeting and simulation
  7. Elemental composition with isotope pattern comparison
  8. Targeting
  9. High speed chromatography support (4,000 to 10,000 theoretical plates using sub 2um column at 2.6m/s velocity)
  10. Standard operating procedure for
    1. IQ/OQ/PV
    2. MS Tuning
    3. MS Calibration
    4. System suitability test
  11. Batch reprocessing
  12. Compare chromatograms/spectra
  13. Proteomics



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