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Reporting results

After sample run, data system will store process result if data processing method was specified.  Data system software already knows data processing algorithm has been applied with the purpose of process pipeline.  Easy way to implement report is export all data into XML format that disclose all the data inherit from raw data and process results both intermediate atomic result and ultimate.

There are couple of good XML authoring tools commercially available.  One easy way to create professional publisher quality formatted report from an XML is create XSLT for converting original XML to XML-FO format, and then render it using existing software such as FOP or commercial software.

Since Qt5 has been introduced, it is well support XML-FO processing, however xmlpatterns has insufficient functionality according to XML standard, so that QtPlatz combines with respected XML parsers, MSXML4 on Windows and libxml2, libxslt on Mac and Linux platforms.



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