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Login sample

Login Sample

Identify sample with respect to a method to be applied on the instrument is the key task should be done by user.  Therefore UI for this part should be prepared enough useful and capable in oder to recored not only sample identification but also sampling and preparation information and purpose of analysis.  In case of chromatography analysis, it is usually run standard samples with target samples, therefore one thread of analysis created as a sequence make sense.

Thus sample sequence should be able to record:

  1. Sequence owner and approver, maybe contains lab notebook id and page number.
  2. Purpose of analysis (such as "P450 activity assay for compounds XYZ requested from project A")
  3. Sample identifier
  4. Instrument control method
  5. Data processing method

Data processing method with respect to the sample login

A function of the data processing is often atomic.  For example, centroid process for mass spectrometry is a step of the process and the result to be an input for next step such as elemental composition.  Another example, chromatography peak detection process is a step of quantitative analysis and an input for making calibration curve or handle as unknown (target) sample.  Therefore data processing method should be designed as at least two layers or more in order to specify ultimate purpose and consisting atomic operation, parameter and operand.



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